What is the best camera?

Photography is an art form, a way of making a record of an event, a person, an occurence etc.
It is a pictoral replication of a snapshot of a real-time scene.
It can be a hobby, a business, a fun thing to do, or increasingly, a standard “thing to do” when out with friends, having a meal, watching a pet do something funny or whilst laughing at a friend who`s maybe had one too many to drink (see Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
There is a difference between photography as an artform and taking a “record shot”.
The artform aspect has many rules which are there to conform to and also to avoid such as “leading lines”, “rule of thirds” and “negative space” and many more but this is another kettle of fish and I could be here all day.
My point of this post is a question most photographers, budding or professional, will have been asked numerous times: ‘what is the best camera?‘ and the best answer i`ve come across is: ‘the one you have with you.’
I came across a selection of images on a couple of posts which go to prove the point to a certain degree:
Most of us will have been out and about or at an event and seen something which has prompted us to take a photo on our mobile phones, whishing we had a better camera to hand – but overall, i`m sure we were glad that we had a way of capturing the image at all.
So, the purpose of and main operation of a camera is to control the amount of light hitting a light sensitive material (either film or a sensor) and this is done by controlling the length of time the shutter is open or by controlling the diameter of the aperture.
This can be a pinhole camera, a box brownie, the latest smart phone, the latest Digital SLR or an old Instamatic.
Whatever you`ve got, go out, have a look at it again, blow the dust off it, look around at other photos that you like and ask yourself why you like them – is it the light, is it the shadow, is it the proportion of the main focus within the frame, is it the colour, is it the fact that it may be black and white, or the texture in the image, maybe the shapes and patterns?
A few ideas for you to maybe have a look at – this is the time of year to experiment indoors quite easily – pine needles on Christmas trees, baubles, wrapping paper, tinsel, candles, Christmas lights (indoor and outdoor), family get-togethers, food etc.
The effect of different light sources too – internal tungsten lights, LEDs, candle light, street lamps, daylight (look out for morning lights and late afternoon light, it`s a lot richer and more golden.)

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