Nitro Circus Accident, Glasgow Hydro, 4th Feb 2016

I agreed to meet my co-horts for the evening at the Holiday Inn car park in Lancaster but upon arriving, found it being redeveloped so couldn’t park there. I opted to parked in a local gym`s carpark and got picked up in a friends’ Audi RS3 with 370bhp and a Sports exhaust which made all the right sounds under power and sounded even better on the over-run!
A swift but steady drive upto Glasgow to the Hydro to watch the Nitro Circus.
Arriving at just on 7.30pm having been ushered to the top floor of a 6 storey car park, we made our way to the arena to find our seats with about 5 minutes to spare before the show started.
As part of the show, which after all, is a stunt show and inherently dangerous, members of the audience are invited to volunteer to take part in a stunt. The stunt is a backflip on a MX bike – with 4 people on board the machine.
The volunteers were suitably padded, kitted out in gear and helmets etc and explained to, what the stunt entailed.
They were shown how to mount the bike to get in the right positions for the stunt and then the stunt rider did a couple of warm up loops round the ramps etc to get a feel for the balance and weight of the now heavily laden machine.
This video I took shows the result of the attempt:
¬†After the incident the MC halted the show a little earlier than originally planned and told the audience: “Obviously what happened at the end of that first half, definitely not planned. It does happen from time to time, I’ve never seen it happen like that.”

Following the break of about half an hour, the MC said the two injured people were “having a laugh, in good spirits” and were on their way to hospital. One had “taken a bike to the face,” he said.

He went on to say: “I knew Glasgow was tough, but you have definitely proved you can take the worst hit in Nitro Circus history and have a bloody good laugh about it.”

The show progressed as planned in true show fashion and the Scottish crowd were up for a good night. There was a competition part with two groups of stuntmen in a “jump off” between a team from the USA and a team from Scotland.
The USA team came in to a rousing soundtrack from Springstreen’s Born In The USA, the Scottish team came in accompanied by pipes and drums to a rapturous applause.
After the jump off the crowd were invited to cheer for their favourite, with the winner being the one with the loudest noise – No contest, the USA fell to a deathly silence (apart from a few boos!).
The show was great, lunacy and skill in equal measures!! Armchairs, Body boards, Kayaks, kids tricycles, scooters and BMX bikes as well as full on MX bikes doing back flips, front flips, whips and tricks galore – some being landed perfectly and others not so – but other than the above mentioned accident, no injuries were apparent.
Headed back to the car where we sat motionless for about an hour and passed the time by creating our own automotive nature documentary – the call of the RS3`s as there was another on the same floor as us and a call and response of pop popping exhausts ensued before slowly and noisily making our way to the exit and THEN went to get the car park ticket stamped, whilst we were sat at the exit barrier and the securoty guard took pity on use and opened the barrier (tip for the future).
We drove on the M8, onto the M74 and then a road closure at Hamilton forced us off the motorway and once on the slip road, we noticed there were no diversion signs!
So, an A and B road inventive, make it up as you go along kind of detour, we made it back onto the M74, to a single lane contraflow, then back down towards Moffatt into pea soup like thick fog before getting back to Lancaster to find my car had been locked in the car park!!
So I got dropped off at home and had to get the trusty push cycle out to go and pick it up this morning – I still made it to my desk for 8.45am though – so all in all, a good night, but a long and eventful one!

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