Many of my images have been used in a number of different types of media such as:

  • CD artwork
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Websites
  • Fliers
  • Posters
  • T-shirts

By artists such as Paul Jones and The Blues Band, Jez Lowe, Martyn Joseph, Billy Bragg, Lindisfarne, J.P. Cormier, Show Of Hands, Phil beer, Steve Knightley, James Keelaghan, Acoustic Magazine, Sing Out Magazine, Folk North West Magazine, Westmorland Gazette and the Lancashire Evening Post among others.


“Thank you very much for your excellent photos from Dent. There are certainly one or two which Tony Benn and I might use on some future poster if you don’t mind?
I also might use one for my own poster or info sheet. Obviously you would be credited
I think the best pictures are those taken by other people at concerts rather than the posed one we get at studios!”

Roy Bailey

Got the pics this morning, they look great. Have I made the gallery?
I have spoken to my web master, I will ask him to publish the pictures and will make sure you are creditied accordingly.

Mike Silver

Thanks folks. A good time had by all!!
Nice pics Martin. I’ll put a link from my diary to them.

Phil XX – Phil Beer – after the show we put on for him

Thank you again for your beautiful and lively pictures, it reminds me the great time the band and I had at Celtic Connection

Olivier Gravel – Le Vent Du Nord

“Martin seems invisible to the singer, yet he invariably captures the moment
and the expression … even the song seems to linger with the image…”

Margaret Bennett

“Your photos look great, I don`t think you have anything to worry about with getting pleny of work from doing photography!”

Emily Smith

“Martin, they look great. I especially love the one of my hands and the guitar”

Janis Ian

“Personally, I appreciate the clarity of focus, and the use of depth of field as well as the grey balance and your composition within the frame.”

Hugh MacMillan – Spirit of the West

“You really captured the feeling of the evening. Good website, by the way. Easy to use. All the best”

Peggy Seeger

“Just doing a preliminary search of the images on the internet I noticed a few cracking pictures on your Image Acoustic website.”

John Spiers (Spiers and Boden)

“I was wondering if we could have alink for your lovely Billy photos on the Billy Bragg website gallery.”

Mushi Jenner – Sincere Management

” Several (photos) are up on the site – and one will be the basis of the next poster I do.
I think everyone was very happy with the big selection we had.”

Gilly Tarrant – GTA Music

“Thanks for the photos, they are truly great!”

Jez Lowe

I’d just like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Martin for featuring the pictures of John with James Keelaghan on this excellent site, and for providing a link.”

Barbara – John Wright Music

“As you already might have seen, I used three of them for the image at the message board which I have updated this morning. All in all top quality shots !!! and I am sure that I will use most of the rest”

Reinhard – Lindisfarne Website Designer

“some nice images there. and a great website too.”

James Fagan

“Enjoyed the website very much and thought the photo’s excellent…..keep in touch and be lucky now”

Ron Trueman-Border

“Great site and photos. I especially like the end-on close-up shot of Kris’s guitar.”

Eamonn Coyne

“Christy Leahy here from North Cregg in Cork. I was browsing through your site and came accross the pictures of our band which you took at Gosport Festival some months ago. They look great and I was wondering if you would kindly give us permission to use them on our website, “

Christy Leahy

“Thanks alot for the photos. Of the 2 that came across, the high res
one of me and the one of Tim & Alan & me, which is an awesome shot, by the
way. I might use that one on the website & will give you credit if I do.”

Chuck Brodsky