London in November 2015

One of the artists we work with: Martyn Joseph, has been chosen along with Maz O’Connor, Sam Carter and Nancy Kerr by EFDSS (English Folk Dance and Song Society) to head up a project called Sweet Liberties to mark the 800th anniversary of democracy and the signing of the Magna Carta. The Press launch was in the Speaker’s House, Palace of Westminster on Monday November 16th – which gave me the perfect opportunity to have a few days in the nation’s capital and see some of the sights such as Kings Cross station:


and Leadenhall Market near Monument:


and also Leake Street in Waterloo, South London



It’s always good to get out with the camera and people watch etc, but there is art all around you – whether it be graffiti, architecture, galleries or just plain pattern and textures.
If you’re prepared to walk a little and do some clicking on the internet before you set off, you can find examples and inspiration for photographs you’d like to take or re-create.
London isn’t cheap unfortunately and whilst I don’t claim to be a money saving guru or anything, if you’re looking for a warm meal at a reasonable price in the city centre, you can do far worse than find a Garfunkels restaurant with mains from £8.95 and the odd lunchtime special too. There will be cheaper places to eat, but they will be one off independent kind of eateries and may not be near where you are. Snacks and lite meals are available at many of the city’s markets. Camden Lock has a whole array of stalls offering dishes from around the globe and is also a great place to photograph too:


I did become aware of a Free Walking Tour company which does exactly what it says on the tin – offers “Free” walking tours but your are asked to pay the guide what you feel their time and knowledge is worth – these tours can be a great resource and give you some sense of direction for you to find your way around.

Look out for deals on sites like Groupon, Dealmonster, Travelzoo etc for meals out, accommodation and attractions and also look out for upgrades to 1st class on the train too as sometimes you can get the upgrade for as little as around £5 and the complimentary food and drink would cost more than that anyway!

Hope this mini guide helps.

Happy snapping


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