Ever given a thought as to who took THAT photo?

So, as the days roll and time passes us by, we are subjected to a million and one visual cues which may or may not strike a chord with our psyche.
Every now and again however, we get “told” to look at an image, or one metaphorically hits us square round the chops and shouts “LOOK AT ME!” – whether that be because of cuteness, shock factor, personal experience or just because of it being a striking piece of art, but unlike musicians or bands etc, very few people other than other photographers know anything about the people who take click the shutter and capture these timeless graphics.
I spotted a webpage with a bit more information on some such artists and thought I`d do my bit to broaden their appeal:


I hope you enjoyed having a look behind the lens as it were and have taken a moment to imagine who they are, what the situation was behind them getting that image and I guess, in the modern world in particular, how easy or difficult it is to create an iconic image now with the internet etc – once upon a time, it was on front pages of newspapers / magazines or on billboards – that was it!
Now a photo can be round the world in a matter of seconds and 1,000`s, 100,000`s can have seen an image and discard it or embrace it.

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