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2016 A year in a post

2016 was such a bad year for famous deaths and incredible (in my opinion) political decisions and some are still grating now, months after they occurred – but I see that as a plus point in some respects, as it means that I still have passion and energy about some things. Long may that continue. […]

I love articles like these

it shows how creative folk can be! You can just imagine the request of this guy in Paris – “Scuse me, can you take a photo of me “holding” ┬áthe Eiffel Tower please” Then he gets a chance to look a the shot and probably wouldn`t want to ask again!! – so, he turns to […]

Ever given a thought as to who took THAT photo?

So, as the days roll and time passes us by, we are subjected to a million and one visual cues which may or may not strike a chord with our psyche. Every now and again however, we get “told” to look at an image, or one metaphorically hits us square round the chops and shouts […]

December 2014

So this morning I find myself in Cologne, Germany after a few great days on the road with Luke Jackson and Marillion. Luke was asked to open for the long standing band and entertain their 000’s of fans in Scotland, England, Netherlands and Germany. Last night was the last gig of the run and what […]

Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2014

This years` festival was much anticipated for a number of reasons with the most prominent being the annual chance to meet up and catch up with a number of friends who all agree that this festival in the music calendar, is one of, if not THE best in the UK. The site is set up […]

Sad loss of Robin Williams 11th August 2014

Sad news last night on hearing of Robin Williams’ passing. Apparent suicide they said – a tragic loss. His iconic roles in the cinematic and televisual world as I was growing up – Mork and Mindy, Good Will Hunting, Mrs Doubtfire, Dead Poet’s Society, Good Morning Vietnam…. that Stand Up routine on the Scots’ invention […]

Williamson’s Park, Lancaster

We held an event at the Ashton Memorial, Williamson’s Park in Lancaster on Sunday night. What a fantastic, iconic venue. The structure is can be seen from all around the area and is a landmark which many will have seen, but not known what it is. The structure was built as a folly by industrialist […]

Archive has now been removed.

The very observant of you will have noticed that I`ve removed the “Archive” section from the top of this site. The Archive section was there to link through to my older photographs, but some of the links had ceased to work and it was becoming more of an embarrassment rather than a source of good […]

Way of the Roses Cycle Ride – May 2014 – PART 4

Day 4 Airton to Morecambe 139.8 – 182.3 miles We set of from Lindon House in Airton at around 9.30am and headed towards Settle with yet another climb in store! Settle is only approximately 6 miles from Airton and 3 of those are climbing! We set off, with fresh (as fresh as 140 miles will […]

Way Of The Roses Cycle Ride – PART 2 – May 2014

DAY 2 Pocklington to Ripon 46.7 – 102.8 miles After setting off from Meltonby Villas in Pocklington on Friday morning, we cycled through the delightful town and both agreed that we should re-visit some day. We had got as far as Yapham Hill before realising that we were still in posession of the B & […]