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2016 A year in a post

2016 was such a bad year for famous deaths and incredible (in my opinion) political decisions and some are still grating now, months after they occurred – but I see that as a plus point in some respects, as it means that I still have passion and energy about some things. Long may that continue. […]

What is the best camera?

Photography is an art form, a way of making a record of an event, a person, an occurence etc. It is a pictoral replication of a snapshot of a real-time scene. It can be a hobby, a business, a fun thing to do, or increasingly, a standard “thing to do” when out with friends, having […]

Media and digital

Following a conversation at work, a discussion was had with regards to all things media and digital. Being involved in the print industry, music and photography, I would say that these are the main areas where the internet has cheapened and even, to a certain extent, made them value-less. If you want a photo of […]

2016 Pipefest review

We have an event called Pipefest, held every year since 2008 at Lancaster University, Lancashire, UK in September, which we feel embodies the very essence of the artists host; Martyn Joseph’s creative style and ideals. We invite a guest or 2 each year, along with a dedicated charity to raise money for on the day […]

Nitro Circus Accident, Glasgow Hydro, 4th Feb 2016

“I knew Glasgow was tough, but you have definitely proved you can take the worst hit in Nitro Circus history and have a bloody good laugh about it.”

Thoughts in 2016

Do they make my life richer?
Do they make me feel fulfilled?
To they make me feel like I could go out and tackle the world?

Keep trying… never give up

Inspirational words i`m sure you`ll agree… we here and read them regularly on social media and from gurus trying to make us better people. My theory is that if the desire is there, the passion and enthusiasm… then you will keep trying. This guy did just that – one of the most beautiful birds, the […]

London in November 2015

One of the artists we work with: Martyn Joseph, has been chosen along with Maz O’Connor, Sam Carter and Nancy Kerr by EFDSS (English Folk Dance and Song Society) to head up a project called Sweet Liberties to mark the 800th anniversary of democracy and the signing of the Magna Carta. The Press launch was […]

I love articles like these

it shows how creative folk can be! You can just imagine the request of this guy in Paris – “Scuse me, can you take a photo of me “holding” ┬áthe Eiffel Tower please” Then he gets a chance to look a the shot and probably wouldn`t want to ask again!! – so, he turns to […]

Ever given a thought as to who took THAT photo?

So, as the days roll and time passes us by, we are subjected to a million and one visual cues which may or may not strike a chord with our psyche. Every now and again however, we get “told” to look at an image, or one metaphorically hits us square round the chops and shouts […]